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Using @font-face

Font face means interpreting fonts into web fonts just by using a css code and a direct link for the font.

all you need is a font you need (with direct link, if you don’t know how proceed to step 1)

step 1 (if you have the font with the direct link or url, proceed to step 2)

okay for the font i’m going to use DigitalLove.ttf

make sure you have the font you need installed in your computer11!!1!

go upload the font in here or anything that accepts any file and gives you the url

choose the file and click upload file, the url will appear in the bottom, (http://static.tumblr.com/x1wzx4n/bPRn40yc5/digitallove.ttf)

step 2

the css code is needed for this tutorial

go to customize > go to your css (<style>)

and just between <style> and </style>

paste this code:

font-family: 'FONT NAME';
src: url('DIRECT URL');


bolded - replace the FONT NAME with any name you wanna cal your font, like Digital Love, but when you use it the caps or quotation marks doesn’t matter actually. (if you wanna use digital love you will need to type in digital love if you are going to use it)

italized - replace DIRECT URL with the direct link/url you have for the font. it’s to tell where they will refer to if you use the font family.

step 3

how to use it? 

go in your css, for example you wanna change your blog title, look for the css code for the blogtitle, like .blogtitle (if that’s what they called it) and look for font-family, and the contents like ex. 

font-family: georgia;

Just replace georgia with the font-family you used in step 2 :)

if you have any questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to message us!

// claire

  Anonymous said:
Hi, I have a question about a cursor. The cursor I chose has a graphic associated with it, you know those cursors with the little triangle and a picture. The little triangle where part of the cursor that clicked on things was off. You could be far away from a link and it would highlight it. Can I have help so I can "configure" my cursor? By the way, I already tried other cursors that are similar to mine. They all work.

Did you get the cursor with a huge space around it? like it highlights a link before the pointer reaches the link? If so, please come off anon and submit the cursor I can fix it for you, maybe the dimensions were too big so yeah. You can fix it in the submit box here

// claire

Fixed Cursor Tutorial

so guys i’ve been getting a lot of asks saying why isn’t my cursor working when i hover out of my posts? is there some special code?
well there is, this works on all blogs! but also some blogs got lucky there cursor works, but here’s the secret:

cursor: url(CURSORURLHERE), auto !important;

paste that under <style>

// claire

Want a custom cursor?

want a custom cursor saying anything you want? well here’s your chance! (doing first 20 only!)

Follow me on ig (any one of them) link in my blog, the more links thingy. message me your ig username (from the submit box), also submit the following:

- text on cursor

- cursor head (img or link)

- color of text

and also please leave your submit box on! so i could submit it to you!

// claire

  d3termin4tion said:
hey! i have checked your tutorials and stuff and i just have question about one of them! i recently added your drop down bar from your tutorials and i noticed that mine isnt like a seperate line for each thing wrote. idk if that make sense but if you look at it on my blog you might understand! please let me know how to fix it if i can! thank you so much :)

If you want to add a line break put <br>


hey<br>im claire

'im claire' will appear on the next line :)

// Claire