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How To Track Your Unfollowers!!

For Twitter, Go Here

For Tumblr,

These are the complete installation instructions. You first need to download and install the GreaseMonkey add-on. It works in almost any browser outthere, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Download Tumblr Unfollow Tracker script.
Always position your cursor over 

  • the followers counter to actually see a symbol and click on it to pop up the window that lest you see the people who unfollowed you. It looks like this;

**Read these!

It only detects unfollows after it is installed. 
When a Tumblr username has been changed or deleted  their account will also be interpreted as an unfollow.
If a user follows and then unfollows during last time you checked and before you check again, it won’t show.
Find out who has unfollowed you on tumblr (since the last time you checked).

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